Jim Lowney

Professional Photographer


I am freelance news photographer working out of beautiful downtown Jersey City. Though a native of the Garden State, I spent eight years living in Dublin, Barcelona, Warsaw, Budapest and Los Angeles covering every sort of story for newspapers, magazines and wires. I have also worked as a reporter, writer, photo editor and ran an international news picture desk. My work can be viewed at the links below. (Yes, I do shoot Weddings, Funerals, Bar Mitzvah’s, Annuities, and Quinceanera’s too–photojournalist style)

For a little background info I will give you a brief history of my journey into photography. The passion for photography all started back when I was 6 years old. My mother, who painted as a side job, was always exploring the outdoors, and she took pictures everywhere she went to get inspiration. Well of course the inevitable happened as she bought me a camera for my 6th birthday, which ended up being the best gift anyone could have got me. From that day forth I was hooked, I learned that camera inside and out and took pictures of just about everything I could. Back in the day though, cameras still used film rolls so I was limited by the number of rolls I could afford. As time progressed, my love for photography and cameras progressed as well and it seemed photography was going to play a large part in my long-term plans. In fact it was really the technology side of cameras that got me going. I became quite the techy nerd in my highschool and college days. In fact I invested nearly all my time to cameras. I worked at a camera shop throughout highschool, repairing and selling cameras and camcorders. For college I attended Jersey City state College and majored in English Literature. Unfortunate at that time, very few colleges offered photography majors, but I did manage to take as many photography classes as I could. During college I started doing freelance work on the side and loved it as I averaged about 2 clients a month. In fact, as soon as I graduated I continued freelancing for about 6 months until I could get a job as a staff photographer at a newspaper or magazine. In time I realized I enjoyed freelancing much more than working for newspapers, which leads me to today, where I continue to freelance and will do so on through retirement!