About Us

We would like to officially welcome you to JimLowNey.com! 

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our organization under the management of Atty. Jim Lowey. Our objective is to explore various legal topics that are relevant to this present generation with the intention of spreading awareness to our readers about their rights. Our mission is to provide simple explanation about certain issues. With the help of Atty. Lowey, we hope that we can offer you relevant and timely articles wherein you can get valuable information which might come in handy in the future.

Atty. Jim Lowey is a real estate lawyer practicing in Miami. He’s passion on his profession is what drove him to organize our group – a team of law students aspiring to become full-fledged lawyers under various fields someday. Together, we brainstorm on different topics relevant to this age and generation which include online dating, fraud, identity theft, cyber-crime, real estate and everything else that comes into our awareness. 

Through our collective efforts, we transform our thoughts and ideas into words to become articles which we will eventually publish on this site. Some entries are also written by our very own mentor, Atty. Lowey. We hope that you can support us as we dig into various topics of interest. 

Again, we warmly welcome you to our site; and we hope that you can follow our journey as we work our way from being bloggers now to lawyers someday.